IRS Whistleblower Office

The IRS Whistleblower Office is a part of United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The sole purpose of this organization is to motivate more and more people to spot tax problems and blow whistle on persons that fail or try to avoid the tax they should pay to the US government. The best part is that it awards whistleblowers from 15%-30% particularly in cases where total amount (tax, penalty and other interests) is more than $2 million. All such cases of whistleblowers and tax payers are handled by IRS Whistleblower office, which was established under the Tax and Relief Healthcare Act 2006.

How IRS Whistleblower Works?

The whole process of providing information and getting a revenue from IRS office can be divided into three steps:

  • First step involves initial examination and assessment of information provided to the Internal Revenue Service whistleblower office by you. This whole process of examination can take few weeks to several months.
  • Second step is the actual examination of taxpayer and the complexity of the concerned issue and whether taxpayer is cooperative or not. It may take few years.
  • Finally, amount of award payable to whistleblower is determined by the IRS. This actual determination of award payable can take few months.

Why is IRS Whistleblower Important?

IRS whistleblower has played a great role in addressing many major federal Tax issues. It has approved over several hundreds of awards now. In September 2012, IRS awarded a sum of $104 million to a whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld for providing a concrete piece of information on unpaid taxes around $5 billion. In October 2012, IRS awarded $38,037,899 to another corporate whistleblower. So, IRS Whistleblower is highly important in the US to promote national economy.

Types of Awards Payable Under IRS Whistleblower Program

IRS offers two types of awards for whistleblowers. If the information provided by a whistleblower deals with an individual whose annual gross income is more than $200, 00 than the IRS will pay an award of 15% to 30% of the total amount collected. A whistleblower can appeal to the Tax Court in case he/she disagrees with the outcome of claim. However if the total amount collected is less than $2 million, than a maximum of 15% up to $10 million is payable to the whistleblower. Additionally, the decision of IRS office is final and non-disputable in all these cases. You should keep in mind that IRS Whistleblower timeline demands considerable of your time and efforts to pay you a lump sum amount of cash. There is an IRS Whistleblower hotline available to help you anytime and in any way you want it before, during or after the case.

How IRS Whistle blowing Is Linked With Whistleblower Medicare Fraud?

In certain cases, a hospital or doctor’s office or another private healthcare institution bills the Medicare insurance for treatment and diagnostic tests that you never received or for an amount that is higher than the actual treatment amount. All such types of medical billing are illegal and punishable and can be reported as Medicare fraud to the IRS whistleblower office. You are entitled to an award if you wish to blow whistle to an IRS whistleblower office on a healthcare services provider that is engaged with such types of illegal business practices.