Medicare Whistleblower Rewards

Do you know how Medicare Whistleblower Rewards can work for you? The fact is that about $50 billion annually goes to waste all because of Medicare Fraud?
If you are among those who benefit from the Medicare services then you should be among those who knows this and who cares about this issue.

The government is quite often confronted by this issue especially that the huge amount lost could have been additional fund for the enhancement of services which the federal healthcare could give its beneficiaries. Perhaps the people are gradually realizing the effects this can have on their own lives as well especially with the coming to form of the medicare whistleblower rewards. For those who are not as aware of medicare whistleblower rewards, let us delve into this issue at hand.

The Medicare Whistleblower Incentive Reward Program

Medicare Incentive Reward Program set by the federal government was enacted in 1998.

It was in answer to the rising cases of fraud and abuse against Medicare which is the federal health care benefit set to give support especially to seniors in the United States in terms of health care services and other needs applicable. In the Whistleblower Medicaid Fraud Reward Program persons reporting abuse or fraudulent acts by health care providers are being paid by the federal government an amount according to what can be collected back after a case is filed and won. Any concerned citizen may report abusive acts including billing for services which were never rendered, billing for supplies which were never ordered or used and several other similar acts – which are ultimately intentional in the part of the fraudulent health care provider.

Medicare Whistleblower Awards

The reward set for the person reporting and helping through filing a case against the fraudulent health care provider is basically dependent on the result. About 10 to 15 percent of collected amount from fraudulent health care providers is appropriated for the “whistleblower” as his or her reward via this Medicare Incentive Reward Program.

Medicare Whistleblower Rewards Settlements

How does this aspect fare? So far, there has been a record of $2.9 billion already awarded to Medicare whistleblowers as the government has been able to collect back about $18.5 billion dollars for fraudulent billing. Many whistleblowers are enticed by the big amount of incentive waiting for them should the case close to a successful collection. As of date, the average reward that a single whistleblower gets is $1 million and the biggest being $6.4 million. Imagine the medicare whistleblower rewards you and your family would be able to make use of and to think that you are also able to help the government right the wrong when it comes to Medicare – one of the most basic necessities of many beneficiaries.

The Main Advantage of Medicare Whistleblower Rewards

Being a Medicare Whistleblower should give anyone much fulfillment in that he or she does not only help in safeguarding the Medicare Trust Funds which helps a great portion of the US populace, but also finds a way to receive a monetary incentive which could be put to good use. With a program set to give out medicare whistleblower rewards people are more likely to be motivated to do the right thing and become more aware of the sad reality of medicare fraud and how it can negatively affect the lives of many if not prevented.

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  • I am aware of at least 11 cases where my former Home Health company employer,admitted and retained or is currently retaining patients that are not home bound.Some of these patients regularly drive approximately 100 miles one way to medical appointments.Supervisors aware of this.